Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Tips...

Berhubung sekarang sedang heboh2nya rumor susu bubuk mengandung bakteri Enterobacter Sakazakii, let me tell you that.....

For your information, infant formula is not a sterile product and has the potential to cause illness if not prepared properly. In rare circumstances, powdered infant formula can contain the bacterium and other harmful bacteria. These bacteria can cause illness in infants. Babies under 2 months are most at risk. However, making up the formula using water that is above 70°C will kill Enterobacter sakazakii and any other bacteria like salmonella that may be present.

If parents and carers follow the 30-minute rule any harmful bacteria will be killed. The 30 minute rule means that after boiling fresh water, the water is left to cool for 30 minutes before adding the powdered infant formula.

Promoting a new 10 step procedure to keep baby bottles safe from Enterobacter sakazakii. Here are the 10-steps on making baby’s bottles safely are:

  1. Boil water
  2. Leave to cool for 30 minutes but no longer
  3. Clean surfaces, wash hands
  4. Read the instructions on the formula’s label carefully
  5. Pour the boiled water into sterile bottle
  6. Add formula using scoop provided
  7. Shake well
  8. Cool quickly
  9. Check temperature is cool enough for baby
  10. Throw away any unused feed after 2 hours.

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